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On December 25, 1963 by admin

NYHerald-Tribune-1-John Gruen


  Irena Martens “Castagno “, 43 E. 80th 

This is an exhibition of dolls –but with a difference  The dolls are personages of wild and woolly design, Created by an artist who sees these creatures as disquieting symbols of a disquieting age. Often outrageously garbed; sometimes deformed, the toy aspect  f these works is simply  a matter of first-impression. When incorporated  in box  constructions, the dolls assume a strange “Balthusian” aura- pointing to an imagination as florid as it is fertile.

Irena-Martens-Pupazzo-walking-2-Irena-Martens-Box-9HEADS-4 Irena-Martens-Pupazzo-wrapped-with-fox-3-

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